Preparing for Winter

Winter is coming!
School closingWith winter weather approaching, we're making sure we're prepared to keep students safe. We have information on winter clothing, cancellations, district communication and child care and district programs.

Please make sure your children come to school dressed for the weather, with winter coats, hats and gloves when necessary.

Although it is important that students be in school, safety is the most important concern of all. If snow, ice or extreme cold make conditions unsafe, we will cancel school and add that day to the end of the school year.

We investigated the suggestion of a late-start option on bad-weather days, but we determined the risk to student safety was too high. Families might get caught without childcare or even miss the announcement and have children waiting in the cold.

If we cancel school, we will get you that information through text alerts, our email newsletter, our websites, Facebook, Twitter, Park Hill TV and the local media.

Child Care and District Programs
If we cancel school, our school-age child care and tuition preschool programs would remain open for those families that are already signed up. However, our Community Education classes would be cancelled, and our Aquatic Center would be closed.